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Why to exfoliate?

Susan Salinas

I know I know, sometimes it feels like everybody is telling us to add just one more step to our beauty and wellness routines, to double cleanse, to prep, to tone, to hydrate to prime etc etc.

It's exhausting and sometimes costly, I get it! And let's not forget that most of us have a pretty hectic schedule to begin with. I am a big fan of keeping things simple, (Our healthy skin routine is 3 daily steps) however I can honestly say that exfoliating your body is one of those weekly or even bi-weekly steps  you should not be skipping and here's why:

1. To get rid of dead cells

As we age our skin becomes slower and slower in the process of cell regeneration, this means that dead cells accumulate on the surface of your skin leaving it feeling and looking dull, dry and rough. As soap residue, body lotions and spf covers our skin, the clogged pores can lead to excess oil, breakouts and acne. 

2. To lighten marks and hyper pigmentation

Have you survived a nasty breakout just to realize that the little evil one left a mark as a reminder? Mild exfoliation helps break down the pigmented and damaged cells and encourages the growth of new ones to help fade away marks and spots.

3. For smoother skin 

It's fairly obvious that after exfoliation your skin will be smoother and brighter, think of it as cleaning a window after it's been piling up dirt all winter, (nice and shiny) but it can also be extra helpful if you want to achieve a close shave and avoid ingrown hairs (this is specially helpful for the boys, a mild scrub before shaving can help fight irritation and the natural oils in our scrubs hydrate the blade so it glides smoother on your face to avoid any scrapes and cuts!) 

4. For overall wellness

In addition to taking a few extra minutes a week to pamper yourself and relax in the shower or bath (breath in and out those therapeutic essential oils) Exfoliating your skin with a gentle scrub can help encourage blood circulation which leads to better skin regeneration and promotes a healthy glow! 

They're two different ways to exfoliate your skin, chemical exfoliation (peels) and mechanic (scrubs, dry brushing) I am a big fan of the latter, with a natural scrub you get to decide how rough or mild your skin is comfortable with, I tend to go really easy on my face while I'm a bit tougher on thicker skin like my legs, tushie and thighs. ;)

Don't forget to check the ingredient labels of the scrub you use and to always do a patch test to avoid any irritations, now go scrub away!! 

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