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Which Clay Mask is right for you?

Susan Salinas

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Using Clay Masks in Skin Care

When I think of a fun "girls night in" I picture slumber parties for adults! cozy pj's, messy buns, perfectly chilled rose, a chick flick and a pink or green mask on our face! Although sheet masks and rubber masks are all the rave now, clay masks in a powder form are by far my favorite but let me assure you not all masks are created equally and with the amount of options out there is easy to get confused! No worries we're here to clear that up for the next time you're planning a little #selfcare time.

First let's start by explaining why clays are good for you since you're essentially putting dirt on your face ;) Clays are fine grained mineral substances that come from the ground and they're composition depends of their origin, while the properties change they are mostly used for their ability to draw out oil, toxins and impurities from skin leaving it balanced and clean. 

Depending on your skin type or the area that you want to treat is important to to keep in mind their properties;

Bentonite Clay: light grey in color is created from volcanic ash it has very strong absorbing properties and is suitable for oily to very oily skin.

French Green Clay: high in iron oxides, it's known for it's great absorbing properties it's milder than bentonite but also mostly suitable for oily skin.

Kaolin Clay: Color can vary off-white is the most common one, very fine in texture it is very gentle and commonly added to cosmetics such as soaps and eye shadows, although absorbing it is still suitable for combination skin. 

Rose/Pink Clay: a variation of Kaolin Clay it has a fine texture and it's more suitable for dry to mature complexions since it's absorbing properties are very gentle, great to use on a regular basis. 

Keep in mind that these clays can be combine with other ingredients to amplify or decrease it's benefits, for example if you have bentonite clay but your skin is not as oily you can mix it with oatmeal powder so you can benefit from the detox element of the clay while moisturizing your skin with the oats. 

If you want to give clay masks a try we recommend our Clarifying Clay Mask for oily or acne prone skin and our Rejuvenating Rose Mask if you have combination/dry skin. 

For another fun idea make sure to check out our Soothing and Brightening Face Mask recipe here using our Blush Mask which is made with Pink Kaolin Clay, Rose Petals and Hibiscus powder! 

Happy Masking