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Our Story

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Lake Atitlan, Solola Guatemala 

Lake Atitlan, Solola Guatemala 


Inspired by Nature

The name Ixmucane (ish-moo-ka-né) was inspired by my Guatemalan-Mayan heritage and can be translated as “mother earth” or the creator of life and light.

 While growing up I learned to love the raw beauty and simplicity of nature. I was taught by my grandmother, who often created balms and tonics from herbs sprouting on our backyard, that nature had amazing gifts for us and there was nothing that we couldn't heal with a few of it’s generous ingredients. She would cover my skin in aloe vera, soothe any irritations with honey and rinse my hair with rosemary and rose water. Her love for herbs, botanicals and natural and organic products became my driving passion for creating this beautiful line of skin care.

Ixmucane Skin Care vows to never use synthetic preservatives, parabens, artificial perfumes, dyes or any other harmful chemicals in our products.

Our collection is simple yet effective just like every single natural element that makes it unique.

Ixmucane skin care is carefully handcrafted in small batches utilizing only high quality rich and nourishing ingredients that work together to strengthen, renew, protect and rejuvenate your delicate skin. 


Ethically Sourced Ingredients

We strive to use high quality ingredients, this includes Fair trade, USDA Organic Certified, therapeutic grade essential oils and responsibly sourced all natural oils, clays, botanicals and butters.


Re-usable Packaging 

We use glass containers that can be recycled and re-purpose, our labels are easily removed so you can create all kinds of things with our jars and bottles. Need ideas? Check out or diy section. 

Cruelty Free

We do not conduct any animal testing and most of our products are vegan friendly as well. We strive to partner with suppliers whose policies align with ours. We are proud to be PETA cruelty free certified.